A strong core, by being constantly curious and courageous

Strong Core

Like all organisms we must adapt to the changes in our environment, or die!

Previously I have shared my views and antidotes to the impact of mass disruption upon our world – our new upside down world.

We can all get locked into things that we know. But it takes courage to have freedom, to leave the past, be present in the now and explore the possibilities of the future.

So I wanted to explore our attitudes to agility.

Let’s consider, what does agility mean?                    

It could mean agile working, lean six sigma, black belts, sit ups until your stomach screams or maybe yoga.

One thing is for certain, to have agility we must have core strength.

Let’s imagine, what happens as a result of having agility, by having strong stomach muscles?

Flexible Man

From my experience, being agile allows us to be fit to explore new challenges. As some of you may know last year I completed 12 events in 12 months for a charity which is close to my heart, (check out my other posts to see more).  Agility also enables us to be flexible, so we can flex plans and our style as situations change. Agility also allows us to pivot, so we can physically or mentally twist. This allows us to more easily look forward to envision the future before twisting (our core muscles) and looking back and use our judgement based upon past experiences.

Agility brings an ability, to be constantly curious and courageous in the numerous activities and situations, in a world of mass disruption.

So how can we enhance our agility?

I believe that learning at work should be part of our daily routine and habits. Protecting time to learn is something I value and safeguard.

Unless we adapt to a changing environment, we die!

But how much energy are we investing each day to bolster enduring high performance in these changing and challenging conditions? Or are we languishing?

My purpose drives me to help others to succeed in the future (and to enjoy today), so how cool would it be to learn and build our agility at work every day whilst getting paid for it?

Agility is the real deal and when done well it is part of our daily routines and rituals.

Let’s consider a few daily habits and rituals in our lives.

First, physical exercise. It is commonly recommended to work out for 20 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week.

Next let’s consider nutrition. It is commonly recommended to eat 5 portions of vegetables or fruit per day.

Now think about our agility (our core strength). What is the commonly recommended advice of what to do each day to build our level of agility at work? You’re right, none!

Top 5 Tips to build agility

  1. Explore the world around you
  2. Continually learn and develop your skills
  3. Flex plans and your style to meet changing situations with urgency
  4. Learn from the past, envision the future and have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo
  5. Positive mind-set and attitude to bolster enduring high performance in a world of mass disruption

We can build our agility by intentionally learning every day. It is achievable in small bite sized activities such as: reading articles or watching videos which explore the world around us. By learning and developing skills and by applying skills to our day to day activities, rehearsing with a colleague before a sales meeting, presentation or negotiation situation, coaching others, and managing our emotional state so we respond vs react.

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I would love to hear from you and to hear what activities you have experienced, as you build your agility. So add a comment and share a picture or image of what agility means to you on this post.

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Steven Edney

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