An outcome focused first approach to delivering results

Top 10 tips when recommending development solutions

As Stephen Covey said “start with the end in mind”.

So why do so many people say “I need a training course for….”

At Expression for Growth we start with the end in mind and are passionate, curious and respectful as we seek first to understand, and then check our understanding, ahead of recommending any solutions to organisations we engage with.

Here are our top ten tips to doing this successfully:

  1. Define the desired results (behaviours, engagement, commercial results).
  2. Identify the problem/s to resolve e.g. what results are not being met?
  3. Ask questions to a variety of people to understand what is going on; the good, the bad and the ugly!
  4. Understand the behaviours that exist. Why are they not doing it, what makes it so hard?
  5. Identify what works and the issues and challenges e.g. lack of practice, low level of experience, processes are not fit for purpose, lack of collaboration etc.
  6. Discover what activities would help.
  7. Summarise the issues and check with key stakeholders what their appetite for change really is.
  8. Craft solutions based on what exists already and works well, plus the new stuff required to deliver the desired results (behaviours and business results).
  9. Start with the leaders, so they experience the solution and create a positive shadow throughout the organisation. Then cascade.
  10. Capture the impact and review against the desired results for return on investment as well as sharing successes to fuel development and an environment to learn, grow and be successful

For further reading, check out this great article about data and how to create a persona for learners to change behaviours.

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