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We’re on a continuous growth trajectory and looking for exceptionally talented candidates to join our team.

Associate Facilitator

Location: East Coast of the US

Position: Freelance role which will primarily be facilitating and coaching topics including selling, business storytelling, negotiating, coaching and strategic commercial thinking. 

Assignments available: We aim to give up to eight weeks’ notice of available assignments to allow you to plan and prioritize your time and income. 

About you

You have had a significant commercial career in senior sales roles for global corporations. Along the way you have experienced, and overcome the challenges that brings. You also have a passion for developing people, which has led you to develop (or want to develop!) a second chapter to your career in the learning and development industry, as a facilitator. 

You may be ‘the finished article’ and have already built a reputation for delivering outstanding sales training… you may also be someone with the ‘raw material’ to be a fantastic facilitator, who is now looking to unlock that potential. Whichever is true for you, we know that becoming an associate for Expression for Growth is game-changing for every facilitator. A drive to ‘be the best’ is essential: your ability to inspire participants and deliver business impact for clients is built on the excellence of your skills. 

You will be based near a major city on the East Coast of the US, within easy travelling distance to a major airport. You will also be someone who has, or is looking for, a ‘portfolio life’, with income from a number of different sources, to which Expression for Growth can add and compliment.

The work

This is a freelance associate, not employed role, which means that you will be paid for delivering work, which will primarily be facilitating and coaching. Topics you will train will include selling, business storytelling, negotiating, coaching and strategic commercial thinking. 

Most of the events we run are now in-person, but you will also facilitate virtual workshops. That means you will need a dedicated space in which to run those… you may already have a home office set up for this; if not, we can guide you on how to create that.  

As an associate, you will work hand in hand with the Expression for Growth team. Our Client Success team work closely with our clients to agree programs that address their business needs, which are then managed by our Experience team, who create and co-ordinate all aspects of the training materials and events. Together, they will brief you and provide you with the materials you need to succeed. 

There are no guarantees on volume of work, but we take our relationship with associates seriously: we choose to work with a small number of closely-held associates, each of whom needs to meet our accreditation criteria before being offered work with our clients.  

Once you have achieved accreditation, assignments are offered subject to client demand.  We aim to give up to eight weeks’ notice of available assignments to allow you to plan and prioritize your time and income. 

Feel like this is the ideal opportunity for you?

Email us at, and tell us about the relevant experience you have, including: 

  1. Your experience in sales roles working for major corporations 
  1. Your experience facilitating and coaching (whether as a full-time facilitator, or as part of your role within an organization) 
  1. Your experience (if any) of working on a freelance basis, including the services you offer  

“The team of people we have is the most important part of working for EFG to me! It makes all the difference ❤️”

“We are a company where unity is key and I feel that my opinions are always considered”

“I love the manager I work with, the team I work with and just the overall EFG values and people”

 “The overall EFG group are very passionate, kind and friendly group of people. They work hard to deliver quality work but also care for and respect each other.”

“I love my team, they are amazing team players, so helpful. Great people.”