Best Blended Learning Solution

CHEP AITD 2017 Finalist - Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution

CHEP Australia and Expression for Growth

Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution


With one of our partners, CHEP Australia, Expression for Growth entered into the 2017 Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Excellence Awards. In November, 2017, two of our main stakeholders attended a gala dinner in Sydney where we were awarded as Finalists for Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution for our entry Precision Selling Program.

CHEP’s integration into the supply chains of its customers was a strength, however, customers often perceived CHEP simply as a ‘pallet provider’ and not a ‘business partner’. CHEP wanted to grow through providing new, innovative solutions that would generate value for customers in new ways. A challenge in this was that the stakeholders who benefit from that value were often not known to the CHEP sales team.

The sales team wanted to revitalise their approach to build relationships with these stakeholders, understand their needs, develop compelling commercial propositions and demonstrate the value created.




Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution for our entry Precision Selling Program


To meet these needs, Expression for Growth built a customized blended learning ‘Precision Selling’ program to inspire, enable and support new behaviors in the team.

The learning journey began in August 2016 with on-line pre-work ahead of instructor-led workshops, first with leaders to enable them to ‘model’ the new behaviours. Leaders also received coaching skills training to enable them in integrate coaching into their daily interactions with their teams.

Following the first workshops, all participants engaged in on-line learning tasks, to apply their new skills and knowledge. In February 2017, the teams attended ‘Mastery’ workshops to deepen their skills, setting them up for the final part of the journey, a formal ‘accreditation’ of learning. Additionally, managers took part in an innovative ‘Unleashing Performance’ workshop to create plans to sustain and accelerate Precision Selling with their teams.

The impact of the program on the CHEP business has been transformational. Business metrics for sales pipeline, sales cycle time and Joint Business Plans have shifted significantly. Managers are reporting consistent changes in behavior in their teams. Precision Selling has become integrated into business processes and the culture of the team.

The impact of this Australian program has been so positive that CHEP is now rolling out Precision Selling in other countries around the world.