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Hasbro is a global play and entertainment company committed to Creating the World’s Best Play Experiences. From toys and games to television, movies, digital gaming and consumer
products, Hasbro offers a variety of ways for audiences to experience its iconic brands, including:

Reviewing their skills gaps, it was agreed there was a need for the Consumer Products team to address a several behavioural changes and an L&D partner to help deliver the following:

  • Create a culture of customer centric collaboration
  • Ignite a passion for a coaching culture
  • Enable critical skills and behaviours of the Customer Management Team
  • Hardwire consistent “ways of working”, and collaboration across regions to create a “global village
  • Create a “global village” that engages, inspires and showcases success
  • The solution was rolled out for 80 people across the EMEA region, APAC and US, beginning in 2016.

Hasbro’s Complete Selling and Negotiation Experience is a unique programme that gives sales professionals clarity on the commonality between selling and negotiation, and builds confidence and commercial value across these two critical business skills

During the programme, participants follow an 11-step process, exploring interlinked selling and negotiation skills, behaviours and approaches, as well as those few skills that are relevant to selling or negotiation uniquely. Participants learnt how this range of skills and behaviours fit together, determining how to deploy each of these skills at the right time.

“The impact commercially on our business has been incredibly significant, not only in our ability to negotiate bigger, more profitable deals but also in a much more consistent way that we go to our retailers and pitch brands” – Claire Gilchrist, Hasbro

Our Solution: Complete Selling and Negotiation Experience

Precision Selling
Precision Negotiating

A simple process that provides flexibility to deal with all situations

  • Confidence and clarity on the ‘right’ time to sell and the ‘right’ time to negotiate
  • Enhanced authority to act and with credibility in customer meetings
  • Significantly reduced time spent on meeting preparation, internal alignments and number of customer meetings
  • Increased value & speed of agreement with customers
  • More control; being prepared to face the unexpected
  • Repackage your propositions based on multiple variables
  • Negating the need to rebuild trust following a big sell or negotiation
  • Immediate confidence to apply new skills

What is covered?

  • Selling and Negotiation; what’s the difference?
  • Making conscious choices
  • Outcomes & challenge areas of both selling and negotiation
  • The mind-set of success
  • Generating ‘The Complete Selling Into
  • Negotiation Experience’
  • Skills and behaviours for Selling and Negotiation
  • Selling Skills to overcome your challenges
  • Negotiation Skills to overcome your challenges
  • A ‘Have a go’ Role-Play plus two “Real Plays”;
  • Playing your real-life customer scenarios in a safe, nurturing, yet challenging learning environment

Client result: Multi-million dollar upside

“My Little Pony royalty went from an historic 12% to 16% from using the WIN GRID and various other Selling and Negotiation tools”

“A high-profile snacks deal confirmed within 12 months using Question Funnel and WIN GRID.

Financial impact: US$175K

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