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“My name is Richard Martin. I’m the Chief Customer Officer at Premier Foods. 
We recently ran a Precision Negotiation pilot program. 
One of the things that’s really important to us is building the capability of our team. And we’ve been running precision selling programs for a number of times now. And it’s really important to us that the negotiation part of our capability program really worked in harmony with the selling side of it. And what we found from the pilot was actually having the same language around selling and negotiation work really well together. 
So what we’re able to do with our teams was it’s helping to see how negotiation fitted into the selling process. Because selling versus negotiation is a subject that we come back to on numerous occasions. It was a really effective way of putting the two together in a complementary way. 

The other thing that we found was compared to previous programs that the team had participated in; this was more much simpler in terms of being able to take what was learnt on the course, back into time of everyday life in the office on a day to day basis felt much simpler from the teams. The other thing key thing that we saw was I’m a big believer that the behavioural side of negotiation is as critically important as, you know, the numbers preparation side of it, and that comes through really strongly in the course. 
I think it’s a really important thing we wanted to land with the teams. So our experience of the pilot was it did exactly what we wanted it to— place precision negotiation in the right context against precision selling and having two courses that work well together.”

Richard Martin, Customer Officer at Premier Foods

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