Creating your elite sales team

Creating your elite sales team

“You will be remembered by how you behaved during this time”

Sat here at home like a large proportion of the global workforce, every day, I still have a sense of ‘shock and awe’ at the sheer speed that the COVID-19 crisis has impacted every element of almost everyone’s life. Being part of a business that earns its money helping others enjoy performing at their best, by running workshops and events that challenge beliefs and equip people to be ‘the best they can be’  – we, like many, have felt this acutely.

Very early on in this crisis (what seems like a long time ago but in reality is a matter of a few weeks), someone said to me

“You will be remembered by how you behaved during this time”

…and I believe that to be true. How you behave towards your friends and loved ones, those that depend on your care, your community around you, your work colleagues (many of whom may be deeply worried about the future right now), your customers and suppliers, and anyone else you encounter on the way. Many people are in survival mode, and they, right now, need the right support so that they can be who they need to be now, and when ‘this is all over’ (whatever that really means).

Now is the time to build a new sales force for the future.

So, here is the conundrum; whilst some businesses are truly and understandably in ‘lockdown’ (where survival means that every cost is scrutinised, and every investment is ‘on hold’), many need more than ever to be ‘the best they can be’ in the way they operate with their customers.

Like aircraft, Salespeople are ‘grounded’ and P&L’s are being destroyed. 

And like aircraft, they need to be maintained and in peak form for ‘when this is all over’. However unlike aircraft…they also need to be operating at their best, right now, and in the challenging context of virtual relationships needing to be conducted in extraordinary circumstances.

There is a very high risk of doing nothing

The cost of ‘grounded’ salespeople is high, and right now is the time that your customers need you most. So much for so many has changed, and even if it hasn’t changed much…the expectations of how we operate virtually will and must change. Gone are the days of ‘virtual meeting means sharing a presentation’ – the need to engage has never been higher. We need to be agile in this context and our skills of engagement and adaptability need to be the best they have ever been. All this is hampered by a lack of quality customer contact and morale has the risk of being low due to a lack of, purpose, goals and direction.

Like sports teams, the best will emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, energy and resolve

Much has been written about the what athletes in all elite sports are doing at this time; whether it be nutrition programmes, individual training programmes, using tech and simulators to hone skills and fitness…and caring and helping people nurture they own well-being, they take this very seriously. The best will get stronger as a result, both ‘right now’, and ‘when this is all over’. They are not waiting for the moment…they are seizing the moment and acting decisively and with real impact.

So, here’s my question to you.

What are you doing to make sure your commercial teams are still operating at their peak and are ‘match fit’, right now in the virtual context, and ready to go ‘when this is all over’?

I am absolutely convinced that the best commercial teams with the best customer relationships will be the ones whose businesses have bucked the trend, and invested now, helping their teams perform at the highest level. It makes total sense; this time, more than any time in our lives is the time to invest in people’s development, sharpening skills, and supporting them as they grapple to work in this new context.

So, here’s the ‘sales bit’ from me.

“This is what we do”

We have deep expertise and many years of experience working with commercial teams across many sectors and across the globe helping them be the best they can be. We have won multiple awards for what we do. And we have a reputation for ‘doing this differently’, in a way that touches people and enables them to ‘be who they can be’.

But here’s the best bit. We have been doing this virtually for years. We really ‘get’ how to engage, personalise, energise and enable through the virtual medium.

The reputation of virtual training is generally poor, being likened to e-learning as a one dimensional and un-engaging experience, which does not work when it comes to enabling behavioural change.

Think of our approach as the antidote to this. We run virtual training through a series of ‘learning sprints’ and a combination of multiple other activities, including access to a rich suite of online tools and videos and personal 1:1 feedback from expert facilitators. The experience is stimulating, engaging, highly relevant, and as unique as our face to face workshops.

We would love to support you and your business so that your commercial team are operating as they need to be in this current virtual environment, and so that they are ready to go, in the starting blocks ‘when this is all over’.

Please get in touch to find out more, like, comment, and share this with your community and others if you think it is relevant.

See you at the other side.

Alex Selwood