Four ways to look fabulous on Webcam

People often tell me, ‘Nick, you look fabulous’, and, of course, they are correct. It’s great to be me.

Some possibly-important-context: those people are never in the same room as me when they say that. And they are not actually talking about my general attractiveness or rippling physique. (They are probably just too shy).

What they are actually talking about is how I’m appearing in the Skype or other video meeting I’m participating in. The quality of the video image IS always fabulous (regardless of how fabulous I’m feeling that day)…

Here are my four top tips to looking fabulous on webcam:

Who said that?
  1. LIGHT IT UP – having a good quality light source positioned behind the webcam is essential. If you’re able to position yourself with a good-sized window behind your webcam you will have totally free, high quality light. LED lights, like desk lamps, have a ‘temperature’ that’s close to daylight and are another great option for natural-looking light.

  2. FIND HIGHER GROUND – position your webcam high up, ideally just above eye level so that you can look straight into the lens without ‘looming over’ other people. (Nobody wants to have an intimate view of your nostrils!) Desktop stands for your laptop can really help with this.

  3. FRAME THE SHOT – an easy way of framing the image is to angle the camera so that your mouth is roughly in the middle of the image. Position yourself far enough away so that the other person will see all of your head and your shoulders.

  4. MANAGE YOUR BACKGROUND – take a look over your shoulder… is it a complete disaster zone? If there’s anything there that’s going to be distracting then remove it: a plain background works best. You want people to focus on you, not what’s going on behind you.

One bonus item: all of the above counts for nothing unless you have a decent internet connection. Here’s the technical stuff you need: at least 4 Mbps upload speed and with low latency (<40ms). Here is a simple way to check what you’re really getting.

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Nick Todd

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