How We Do It

Making change happen for your team

We help people take new behaviours they develop in training activities and integrate them into the way they work every day.

We do this through a ‘learning journey’ that is uniquely designed for your team.

Explore below to get a taste of the kinds of activities we blend together to build those journeys.

Measuring Return on Investment

The ‘ROI planning workshop’ brings together key people involved in your project to work out ‘what success looks like’ and create a plan of how to measure it before the programme begins. We’ll use the industry-standard Kirkpatrick model as the framework for capturing evidence to make sure it stands up to scrutiny.

GrowTM Learning Cloud

GrowTM enables your team to access online resources to help them recall and apply learning from the training activity. These resources range from short ‘how to’ videos that quickly remind them of key concepts, through to exercises and templates they can download and use. You’ll even have the opportunity to test yourself with interactive quizzes to see what’s really ‘stuck’.

1:1 Virtual Coaching

In these individual coaching sessions, our expert coaches provide external pressure and support change by re-focusing people on clear and specific desired outcomes and then exploring what is getting in the way of achieving the desired changes. Unblocking those obstacles changes behaviour and delivers results, fast.


Bringing a group together virtually allows them to reconnect with each other and their facilitator, without the need to leave their desk! We use webinars to check-in on progress, reinforce learning and introduce new concepts that build on what the team has already experienced.

Manager Coaching

Enabling managers in your business to become skilled coaches is a great way to sustainably embed new behaviours into everyday working. Our ‘Coaching for Success’ and ‘Coaching with Confidence’ programmes give managers the skills, knowledge and desire to do this effectively.

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Stretch Workshops

Stretch workshops happen 6-9 months after the first workshop in a learning journey. They draw on a library of advanced exercises to expand the skills of the group, with each workshop tailored to the group’s needs. They also provide a powerful incentive for people to apply learning: people know they will need to demonstrate their new skills in front of the same group of people.

Unleashing Performance

The Unleashing Performance workshop helps managers plan and run a calendar of events for their team, to embed new behaviours into everyday ways of working. It means that their team experience regular activities that build skill, grow confidence and raise performance levels.