Inspirational Leadership is a mystery to many, rare to observe and magical when it happens.

Becoming an inspirational leader and understanding and applying the behaviours in your role, everyday, will make a big impact on your business. 

Leadership is a mystery to many and too difficult to access and apply, because is it just that…a mystery. However, it is an important skill. It is also true, that poor leadership causes so much angst in our society (from our politicians to our CEOs, our middle managers to our teachers, and so many more)…surely we can think of it in simple terms, and help the ‘every day leader’ succeed. Most of us are ‘everyday leaders’ – only a few of you will have saved the world, launched a multi-billion-dollar company, led the masses into battle, or created and led a political movement. However, we can all learn to be great leaders. 

Our leadership workshops take you on a journey, and depending where you are with your own leadership, there is a solution that will support you and your development, helping you improve your leadership; if you have just become a manager for the first time, our entry level programme will help you understand the fundamentals of becoming a line manager for the first time, from working with your team on objective setting right through managing those first difficult conversations that you will inevitably have to have.  

As you progress through your leadership journey, and develop your soft skills, our intermediate programme helps you understand the shift from management to leadership, understanding what great leadership traits are, and how your leadership shadow will be impacting your team members and those around you all day, every day. It will help you become clear about your role as a leader, and also how to create the right dynamic amongst your team, playing to their strengths and supporting them as they themselves grow and evolve.  

follow the leader

Finally, the pinnacle of your leadership takes you to becoming the Inspirational Leader…a simple, de-mystifying 6-part leadership workshop, wrapped around with the skills and knowledge of Emotional Intelligence. It takes you on a journey of leadership, helps you de-construct it, understand the impact that it has on those around you with a focused 360 tool, and finally helps you build an actionable, accountable Inspiring Leader plan to support you on your own journey to become the leader you want to be. Successful leaders should be held accountable for their leadership and the impact they have. 

All of our workshops are fully blended, supporting your learning with a variety of tools to help you with your day to day application of what you have learnt, and you will work closely with our coaches to support you as your make that transition, and measure the impact of the changes you have made.  

You will leave confident, knowing how to apply this in the real world, and will have learnt a process and a set of skills that will be able support you in your day to day leadership role. 

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