Only 5% of sales professionals are respected by their customers

Be part of this exclusive ‘5% club’ by learning and applying what the very best do, no matter what you are selling. 

Why is it that the reputation of the sales profession is so poor?

When you ask others to describe sales people, the words they use are almost universally negative – pushy, self-interested, not listening, manipulative, and so on. Being amongst the small proportion of sales people who ‘get it right’ (our research shows that at best this is a mere 5%) will enable you to stand out as a professional in your field. 

A truly consultative sales person listens to their customer, shows deep curiosity, empathy and understanding, and then tells the ‘sales story’, connecting it to their customers’ needs, clearly demonstrating how they can add value and support what the customer is trying to achieve. Great sales people are also objective; they plan, are thorough and professional, and engage their customers with high quality, prepared open questions, exploring what is important to the customer, listening and connecting, demonstrating an empathy and enabling the customer to feel heard. They are also great storytellers…telling their story in a way that is relevant to the customer, demonstrating clearly how they can solve their problems and help them achieve what they want to achieve. 

On our consultative selling workshops, no matter what kind of business you work in, whether or not you sell a product or a service, or whether you are new to sales or have been involved for years, you will learn a process and a set of skills that will enable you to stand out in your profession and demonstrate the excellence that only those who are already part of that 5% club manage to achieve. 

You will work on your own, real life content, with your real-life customers in mind, and throughout the workshop will understand how to move closer to this consultative approach. 

Transactional selling will be a thing of the past! 

During the workshop you will learn how to plan for any customer engagement – gaining real clarity about the desired outcome (no matter how significant) from that meeting…and having clearly established that, you will learn how to plan your approach, taking into account the customer’s style, needs that you already understand, plus what is going on in their world at this moment. You will learn how to craft a powerful selling story in an easy-to-understand way that will be relevant to that customer on that occasion…and then to feel confident to be able to shape and adapt that in the moment. You will then graft a unique set of carefully planned open questions, using a variety of techniques that you will be able to use conversationally during your meeting. 

Taking these tools, you will then learn the skills of rapport, using your preparation to connect quickly and effectively with your customer, putting them at ease and developing your relationship of trust and mutual understanding. Having understood what is driving your customer’s needs and priorities, you will learn how to shape your story to address that as closely as possible, demonstrating your added value, ability to be flexible and also clarity around the required next steps.  

You will also learn how to handle resistance, and how to agree the appropriate next steps, whether that be to move towards a negotiation or for a refined agreement that suits both you and your customer. 

Throughout the workshop, you will apply these techniques and skills frequently, in the context of your real-life situation, gaining confidence and clarity about how this will help you deliver back in your real world. You will receive one on one feedback from your facilitator and peers and be able to analyse your own performance by reviewing the video of your practice runs. 

You will leave confident, knowing how to apply this in the real world, and will have learnt a process and a set of skills that will be able to support you in your day to day role. 

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