Only the top 5% of sales professionals consistently demonstrate winning habits and behaviours when working with customers and stakeholders—our 5% club is a true testament to that.

We drive those behaviours using our award-winning, proven techniques and transform how individuals handle business propositions and opportunities. We teach them how to deep dive into client interactions, how to create compelling offers; and essentially equip them with the skills to consistently stay ahead in the marketplace—at the same time, we empower them to achieve continual business and individual success.

Precision Selling
  • A six-step selling process​
  • How to prepare for every meeting​
  • The art of communication​
  • Building emotional intelligence​
  • Business storytelling​
  • Turning agreement into action

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Precision Coaching
  • How coaching differs from managing
  • How to prepare to coach someone​
  • Set a foundation for success
  • Hold people to a shared standard​
  • Fuel performance and increase motivation​
  • Translating coaching into action & results

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  • Five-step process for presentation delivery​
  • Tools to plan and prepare
  • Captivate your audience
  • Tell stories with visual and virtual media
  • Create impact through emotion ​
  • Practical experience with ‘real plays’

  • Six steps for preparation & negotiation​
  • Tools to prepare & support live negotiations​
  • Asking powerful questions​
  • The psychology of negotiation
  • Practical experience through case plays and ‘real plays’
  • Negotiation from both sides of the table

Precision Thinking
  • Strategic Fit, aligned to your customer​
  • Turning data into insights, using various tools ​
  • Identifying your winning commercial propositions 
  • Writing a plan on a page ​
  • Selling a strategic story
  • Grow success through strategy

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