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Empower managers to supercharge their teams.

Welcome to Precision Coaching! Our course will build your skills and confidence to hold effective coaching conversations, help colleagues develop faster and deliver better results.

By enabling managers to become skilled coaches, you introduce a unique, consistent and effective way to sustainably embed skills, tools and behaviours in your business.​ Coaches will accelerate ongoing personal development and support people in making personal change, resulting in business change faster and at a higher level.​

Precision Coaching will enable delivery of improved business results sooner and significantly increase the return on investment from your training budget.

“My coaching skills drastically improved and I am excited to put this into practice”

What does it cover?

Understanding how coaching differs from managing and training​

Starting the coaching interaction by setting a foundation for success

How to observe specific behaviours so that you hold people to a shared standard

Delivering feedback in a way that fuels performance and increases motivation​

An intelligent and structured approach to coaching​

Translating coaching into measurable action & results

Case Study: Unilever

“To see the impact of the sessions Expression for Growth ran for the group of 20 future leaders of Unilever’s Out of Homes business was all the evidence we needed to cement why we wanted Expression for Growth to play such a key role in the first module of this exciting programme!”

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Video Testimonial: PepsiCo

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