Precision Negotiating

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Build the skill and confidence to win in any negotiation.

Precision Negotiating will equip you with the process and tools to quickly and effectively prepare to negotiate. You will learn the skills and behaviour to deliver higher value agreements for all parties, faster.

Around the world, people are often expected to negotiate with customers, suppliers or partners, yet they lack the capability, confidence and belief to do this effectively. The impact: billions in lost profit.

Precision Negotiating develops the core skills, behaviours and capability to negotiate in any arena. You’ll be introduced to a clear process to prepare and participate in a negotiation and build the skills to get the best possible outcomes. All the essential areas of negotiation are covered: how to quickly and thoroughly prepare for a negotiation; how to manage perceived power balances; how to get the most value when you trade variables; how to recognise and counteract ‘tactics’ the other side may use.

All of this adds up to an approach that closes agreements faster and creates value for all sides, locking out competitors.

“This has transformed how I approach negotiating: It feels like I’m in control now”

What does it cover?

Six-step process for preparation & negotiation

Tools to prepare and support live negotiations

Preparing and asking powerful questions​ to understand the other party’s needs​

The psychology of negotiation:​ how human needs shape perceived value​

Practical experience through both case plays and ‘real plays’ on your real-life negotiations ​

Experience negotiation from the ‘other side of the table’ 

Case Study: Unilever

“To see the impact of the sessions Expression for Growth ran for the group of 20 future leaders of Unilever’s Out of Homes business was all the evidence we needed to cement why we wanted Expression for Growth to play such a key role in the first module of this exciting programme!”

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Video Testimonial: PepsiCo

“Very good training that gave new insights and reminders of key behaviours to present energetically and captivating.”

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