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Give your team the power to build winning habits.

Only 5% of sales professionals consistently demonstrate behaviours that delight customers and result in them making a purchase. What skills do your sales people need to win against your competitors?

Welcome to Precision Selling! Our award-winning sales programme gives your team the power to recognise and develop ‘winning habits’ that improve customer relationships and increase sales.

Precision Selling introduces your team to a simple-to-understand process for preparing and running customer meetings—focusing on the customer’s needs. Our solution enables team members to think objectively about customer requirements and the goals they are trying to achieve. 

We’ll help your team create genuine conversations with customers by asking powerful questions and building rapport. Participants will discover how to construct and deliver a memorable, compelling selling story connected to those discovered needs.

“Thought that the course was a really useful way to reframe my thinking and to learn more about a more useful way to run meetings.”

What does it cover?

Build customer relationships and increase sales​

Prepare and ask powerful questions​ to understand the other party’s needs​

Create genuine conversations with customers

Embed tools to continue to deliver commercial excellence

Deliver meaningful results faster than ever before

Connect clients and propositions via compelling stories 

Case Study: Hasbro

Hasbro’s Complete Selling and Negotiation Experience is a unique programme that gives sales professionals clarity on the commonality between selling and negotiation, and builds confidence and commercial value across these two critical business skills.

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Video Testimonial: Geistlich

“I wish I had learned how to sell in this way earlier in my career. Undoubtedly the best sales programme I have ever attended”

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