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Develop business storytelling skills to engage others and drive them to action.

Precision Storytelling will equip you with the process and tools to quickly and effectively prepare and deliver presentations. You will learn the skills, best practices and behaviours to deliver impactful and engaging presentations.

Being confident in creating and delivering a powerful message via a presentation, whether virtual or in person, is often an undervalued core business skill and overlooked in people’s development. Precision Storytelling models what the very best presenters do and changes the way people think about creating and delivering their content. By starting with the result in mind, you’ll learn to ‘work backwards’ towards delivering a compelling story, in a convincing and engaging way.

Whether you are new to presenting or a seasoned presenter, you will experience a significant improvement in your ability as a business storyteller.

“Really made me critically evaluate the components of my presentation skills and has given me a fantastic toolkit to utilise in the future.”

What does it cover?

Five-step process for presentation preparation & delivery​

Tools to plan and prepare your presentation​

Creating stories that captivate your audience and connect to their world ​

Using visual, virtual and other media to make your stories memorable​

Adding impact to your presentations by using emotion, emphasis, and building presence 

Case Study: Unilever

“To see the impact of the sessions Expression for Growth ran for the group of 20 future leaders of Unilever’s Out of Homes business was all the evidence we needed to cement why we wanted Expression for Growth to play such a key role in the first module of this exciting programme!”


Video Testimonial: PepsiCo

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