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Create commercial plans that unlock faster growth.

How long does it take your colleagues to create a compelling strategic story and plan? What is the impact of people creating strategic plans in silos?  How much desire is there to create commercial value and to unlock it fast? The need to gain value faster, and create compelling commercial propositions are recognised as essential business skills​.

Often, people are asked to create compelling strategy without being given the tools to succeed. This means that planning processes often take a long time to complete and produce ideas that are uninspired, unoriginal and that don’t generate enough value.

Precision Thinking is a solution that provides people with the tools and skills to ​confidently analyse data to define winning​ commercial propositions faster, resulting in ​stronger strategic relationships. 

“Best workshop I have been on. It has given me a great way of working and a new structure to use with my customers.”

What does it cover?

Strategic Fit, aligned to your customer​

Identifying your winning commercial propositions ​

Turning data into insights, using various tools 

Writing a plan on a page

Selling a strategic story 

Case Study: Colgate

Colgate recognised that dental professionals need to act as leaders when educating and supporting patients to take an active role in their own health.

They wanted a session that helped those professionals explore their fundamental leadership skills using a unique approach. They also wanted to show those professionals how to overcome some of the challenges of behaviour change management from a leadership expert.

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Video Testimonial: Hasbro

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