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Learnt helplessness
Posted on 6 November, 2023
Overcoming Learnt Helplessness in Adult Learning Have you ever felt like learning is something that’s done to you, rather than something you do for yourself? This is a common experience, and it’s called learnt helplessness. In this video, Gareth and Alex discuss the dangers of learned helplessness in adult learning and how to overcome it. They emphasize the importance of taking responsibility for your own learning and being an active participant in the process. Watch the full video and learn more about how to overcome learned helplessness and become a more effective adult learner.
Let's talk 70, 20, 10 in the workplace
Posted on 30 October, 2023
The 70/20/10 theory in workplace learning and development: • 70% of change happens back in the workplace. • 20% of change happens because of the way you are supported in the workplace. • 10% of change happens because of training. So, what can you do to maximize the impact of your training? In this week’s video, Alex and Gareth discuss how you can maximise the impact of your training by focusing on the 70/20/10 theory.
People learn in different ways
Posted on 9 August, 2023
People react to learning in different ways. Whilst some dive straight in, others may need more time to reflect. It’s important to understand this when facilitating training programmes in the world of adult learning. Something which Alex and Gareth discuss in this weeks #toptips video. Watch the video to discover more.
Mine the experience
Posted on 2 August, 2023
Alex draws on his early career experience as a mining engineer in this week’s video, discussing the metaphor of mining, looking for the value. How the job as a facilitator is not too dissimilar to that of a miner, looking for the value – what people think, and using it to aid learning delivery. Watch the video to discover more.
Make the learning relevant to them
Posted on 2 August, 2023
We’ve all been there, sat in a meeting or a workshop and been wondering “that’s great but what has this got to do with me?” and you switch off. Maybe you’ve been on the other side and seen the glazed look in someone’s face as you are talking. That’s why it is important to break that barrier and make your learnings relevant to the audience, not just as a business but as an individual. Something which Alex and Gareth talk about in this weeks #TopTips video.
“But why?” — giving adults a reason to learn
Posted on 4 July, 2023
Following on from last weeks top tips video, this week Alex and Gareth talk more about adult learning. In any given training room, there will be a range of attitudes and internal dialogues about why they are there. Whether they are excited to learn or a sceptic, it is important to connect people to why they are there, giving them a reason to learn.
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