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Alex and Gareth in front of an orange background
Posted on 17 March, 2023
Alex and Gareth have both worked with commercial teams for years, helping them get better at what they do. One of the things that they have really engaged people around recently is this notion of thinking. The Expression for Growth Precision Thinking program really pushes people’s buttons and helps them think differently about how they build their relationships with their customers.
Alex and Gareth i front of a purple background
Posted on 17 March, 2023
The world has been living in the world of virtual meetings for many years now, but particularly since the break of the pandemic a few years ago. It’s fair to say that we as a workforce have got better at running these meetings but there is more we could be doing. Virtual often gets criticized for, “oh, you can’t do this” and “it lacks this.” And lots of criticism is flung at virtual.
Alex Selwood featuring on the Enterprise Excellence podcast
Posted on 8 March, 2023
cently our Co-founder Alex Selwood sat down with Author, Speaker and Organisation Improvement Consultant Brad Jeavons, to talk building capability in adults in his well renowned podcast, Enterprise Excellence. There were two key takeaways from the episode: curiosity and solution.
Gareth Moxom and Alex Selwood on a pink background
Posted on 24 February, 2023
In a virtual world where we often find ourselves having to use platforms that are less familiar to us, mistakes can often happen.Whether it’s sharing your inbox on screen or something out of your control, there are ways to make the process a lot easier.Alex and Gareth talk the main areas to be focusing on to become a real tech aficionado.
Gareth Moxom and Alex Selwood in front of turquoise background
Posted on 23 February, 2023
A virtual meeting is not a physical meeting done virtually. Today Gareth Moxom talks to us about some of the skills and the tools that you can use to make sure that individuals, no matter how big the meeting is, are encouraged to participate.
Gareth Moxom and Alex Selwood on a green background
Posted on 23 February, 2023
How do you run a meeting when you’ve got a load of people who are physical in a room and some people who are virtual. Alex Selwood talks about some of the pitfalls that we need to be aware about and some of the things we need to do to avoid and some of those pitfalls when it comes to those hybrid meetings.

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