Buying is Logical and Emotional

Buying is Logical and Emotional

Selling needs to hit both rational and emotional needs

No matter how logical you are, the connection with the sale and the other person is really important and when the ‘buyer’ is representing your ideas to the decision maker or other people in their business, the emotion is difficult to engage.

Selling needs to hit both rational and emotional needs. We are emotionally driven decision-makers, and often post-rationalise back after the emotional decision has been made. 

Remember two BIG things here:

1. Your customer will most likely take decisions in a different manner than you…so, you MUST adapt to their preferences, not yours.
2. It is a tough job for your customer to represent your ‘sell’ to others, as they will be unlikely to be able to engage other stakeholders with the same emotion and clarity of thinking as you could…so you will need to consider how you can help them do this.

 Alex Selwood and Gareth Moxom discuss their experience of this in this short video.

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