Stand out and achieve your goals using memorable and moving business storytelling

If you want your message to land, you need to engage your audience using rich and relevant business storytelling techniques – be bold, stand out from the crowd and be remembered for what you have to say. 

Most people presenting to others, virtually or physically have an uncanny technique of switching their audience off within the first 30 seconds. Our research shows that fewer than 10% deliver a good job – imagine the opportunities lost, the careers affected, and the sheer impact on business and the reputation of the speakers. 

Telling a story in a compelling, engaging, believable and meaningful way, delivered confidently, supported by clear visuals using a multitude of media will enable you to stand out as a communicator. Taking care how you then deliver that message, how you use your voice, the cadence and rhythm of your carefully chosen words, and then how you demonstrate your energy and conviction through purposeful movement, will truly help you stand out amongst your peers and competitors.  

But why storytelling?

It is so often talked about, but what is it about storytelling in our corporate world that is so powerful, and so frequently misunderstood? Think about how spellbound a child is when being read to by an attentive and caring parent. Think about the magical connections that happen at the speed of light…think about the wonderment in their imagination as the hero saves the day and the bad guys are stopped in their tracks. Think about the connections that are made as the senses go into overdrive. Now think of the stories and movies that you have connected with as a child….and now, as an adult. Stories are a part of mankind’s makeup…..and communicators who tell stories, who truly understand how to win the hearts as well as the minds of their expectant stakeholders are always more successful in achieving their goals, and because few succeed, will always stand out from the crowd and be remembered. 

story coming alive
Stories connect people

Our business storytelling workshops challenge the paradigm and the convention about how people create their messages, shape their content and then how it is delivered. You will work on your real-life content, de-constructing and then re-crafting it using our ground-breaking techniques. You will then learn ‘what to do with you’ – how to choose the appropriate cadence and rhythm for your message, the audience and the environment in which you find yourself, and the outcome you wish to achieve. Through layering your skills and practicing during the workshops, you will receive detailed and objective feedback as you practice and refine and hone your techniques. You will have the opportunity to observe yourself on video with one of our coaches, learning and seeing for yourself the impact that these techniques are having on your ability to get your message across. You will learn communication techniques that cross cultural boundaries and allow you to communicate to a broad range of audience members, no matter from where they come. We will help you build the confidence you need to feel strong as a communicator and to plan and prepare to withstand challenges from your audience. You will also learn how to engage your audience before and during your communication to enable them to feel ‘part’ of the journey, motivating them to commitment and action.  

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