Virtual Learning Sprints

In addition to our existing virtual programmes, our core programmes are now available as Virtual Learning Sprints.

These are a combination of webinars, online group activities, individual work and coaching.

These will give your teams the right tools, skills and confidence to succeed commercially in the virtual world.

Precision Sellingrequest brochure

Become part of the 5% Club of outstanding influencers

Precision Selling has won awards around the world because of the results it delivers. It helps your team improve customer relationships and increase sales through a simple-to-understand process for preparing and running a customer meeting that’s focused on… the customer!

We’ll help them create a genuine conversation with customers to deeply understand their needs, through asking powerful questions, in rapport. They’ll learn how to construct and deliver a compelling selling story which is precisely connected to those uncovered needs.

The skills and approach for ‘selling to customers’ can also be applied to ‘influencing internal stakeholders’. Our Precision Influencing programme does just that: adapting our cutting-edge approach to that environment to help you influence effectively within your organisation.

Precision Negotiatingrequest brochure

Build the skill and confidence to win in any negotiation

Precision Negotiating develops the core skills, behaviours and capability to negotiate in any arena. You’ll be introduced to a clear process to prepare and participate in a negotiation, and build the skills to get the best possible outcomes.

All the essential areas of negotiation are covered: how to quickly and thoroughly prepare for a negotiation; how to manage perceived power balances; how to get the most value when you trade variables; how to recognise and counteract ‘tactics’ the other side may use.

All of this adds up to an approach that closes agreements faster and creates value for all sides, locking out competitors.

Precision thinkingrequest brochure

Create commercial plans that unlock growth, faster

Precision Thinking shows people a way to create and ‘sell’ commercial propositions in a fraction of the time. We’re proud that it’s won multiple awards because of the results it delivers.

How does it work? At its core is a clear method to set a strategic goal, generate business ideas from insights and then select the winning ideas that will best deliver that goal. Built into the process is a way of creating a strategic selling story for your plan.

You’ll learn to use a variety of powerful thinking tools that you can apply in all areas of business and you’ll come away with a real business plan that is ‘ready to sell’.


Wonderful Webinars

Transform virtual meetings and training into an engaging experience

People’s experience of webinars and virtual meetings is often poor. Wonderful Webinars equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to run webinars that are different; webinars that engage; webinars that inspire and enable people to change their behaviour.

You’ll learn how to design virtual sessions that are engaging and interactive. You’ll gain the essential knowledge you need to master all of the ‘technical stuff’ so that you can confidently set up your environment and equipment. Finally, you will learn to adapt your communication and facilitation approach to the virtual environment.

When you put all of this together, it transforms webinars into an effective way of learning, connecting and communicating.


Presenting with passion

Develop business storytelling skills to engage others and drive them to action

Presenting with Passion models what the very best presenters do and changes the way people think about creating and delivering their content. By starting with the end in mind, you’ll learn to ‘work backwards’ towards delivering a compelling story, in a convincing and engaging way.

You’ll learn to dramatically enhance your presence and delivery, with detailed video analysis. Your facilitator will tune into your specific development needs and help you overcome any personal obstacles to polish your unique style.

Whether you are new to presenting or a seasoned presenter, you will experience a significant improvement in your ability as a business storyteller.


Bespoke workshops

We are here to work with you to create a workshop that is tailored to your business requirements. Please contact us to find out more.