Creating Connection

Organisations work when people feel a sense of connection; with each other, with the business’ goals and with a desire to improve.

Effective communication is key to engaging people through business storytelling, facilitating groups, or enabling teams to work more effectively together.



Wonderful Webinars

Transform virtual meetings and training into an engaging experience

People’s experience of webinars and virtual meetings is often poor. Wonderful Webinars equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to run webinars that are different; webinars that engage; webinars that inspire and enable people to change their behaviour.

You’ll learn how to design virtual sessions that are engaging and interactive. You’ll gain the essential knowledge you need to master all of the ‘technical stuff’ so that you can confidently set up your environment and equipment. Finally, you will learn to adapt your communication and facilitation approach to the virtual environment.

When you put all of this together, it transforms webinars into an effective way of learning, connecting and communicating.



Develop business storytelling skills to engage others and drive them to action

Presenting with Passion models what the very best presenters do and changes the way people think about creating and delivering their content. By starting with the end in mind, you’ll learn to ‘work backwards’ towards delivering a compelling story, in a convincing and engaging way.

You’ll learn to dramatically enhance your presence and delivery, with detailed video analysis. Your facilitator will tune into your specific development needs and help you overcome any personal obstacles to polish your unique style.

Whether you are new to presenting or a seasoned presenter, you will experience a significant improvement in your ability as a business storyteller.

Terrific Teams

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Working together to create a highly effective team

Building a highly effective team requires work: it rarely ‘just happens’. Terrific teams build a common foundation based on a better understanding of themselves and each other.

Terrific Teams uses a robust and easy-to-understand psychological preference model to understand your own style and become aware of the preferences of other people in your team. It will help you understand how to identify the styles of others and adapt your approach to communicate with them more effectively.

You’ll work with your colleagues to identify how your preferences blend into potential areas of strength and weakness for your team. These will be your first steps as you learn to work more productively as a group of diverse individuals who are on their way to becoming a highly effective, and a truly terrific, team.

Fantastic Facilitationrequest brochure

Unlock the power of the group through engaging facilitation

The art of facilitation is one of the most fundamental skills in the workplace. These are the skills used to guide and direct work with groups of people within meetings, training or planning sessions in a participative, inspiring and interactive way.

In Fantastic Facilitation, you’ll learn how to shape and guide the process of a group working together to achieve goals. You will explore how to adapt our approach to best work with the needs of the groups you work with.

During this workshop, we’ll let you into ‘our world’ and share the skills and techniques our professional facilitators use daily to achieve powerful group outcomes.