Inspiring People


Every leader is on a journey. The challenges a new manager faces are different to those that an experienced senior leader will confront.

Great management and leadership behaviours can be learned, and we’ve matched our approach to enable people to be successful at every level of responsibility.


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Form the essential skills to become an outstanding manager

Stepping into a role in which you’re managing a team requires new skills and different behaviours from those of an individual contributor. The Motivational Manager programme equips you with the knowledge, tools and skills to become an outstanding manager of people.

It’s split into three connected areas: identifying who you are as a manager; truly understanding the people that work for you and finally, how you work together to deliver critical business results.

This is all set in a framework that enables you to define the direction of your team; align the resources of the team to set up effective team behaviour, and then refine team performance to deliver breakthrough results.

The Empowering Leader

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Building the behaviours of an effective leader of people

Transitioning from management to leadership requires a shift in focus. The Empowering Leader builds on the core themes of The Motivating Manager, with a deeper level of exploration and a greater focus on behaviours. It will help you connect with your own personal purpose for being a leader and better understand the impact you have on others.

It supports you to think more deeply about the team environment you create as a leader and how you can choose the right approach for the right situation. You’ll be provoked to think about how the ‘system’ of the team contributes to delivering the results you need. You’ll also build the skill and confidence to have difficult conversations that need to happen as you step into this level of leadership.

The Inspirational Leader

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Inspire high performance in others to achieve breakthrough results

There are many views on ‘what it is’ to be a leader, and on ‘how to be’ a leader. As leaders progress into more senior roles, it becomes clearer that while there are many answers, there is just one important question: how will you become an authentic leader that inspires others?

To help you answer that question, Inspirational Leadership draws on a selection of the very best sources on leadership and makes them practical and easy to understand and apply.

It’s centred on three core principles: knowing where you are going as a leader; understanding how to take others with you; and how to translate this into results. The emphasis throughout is on leading through emotionally intelligent behaviour.

It takes a practical approach that provokes you to learn from how others experience your leadership. You then make choices about how you want to change your approach to become more effective.

This gives you the opportunity to create your authentic approach to leadership, grounded in your values, and with a clear plan to make a difference in the real world.