Who We Are

Our philosophy

Helping people to enjoy their professional development is what drives us. We want you to consistently perform at your best!

It is the heartbeat of our business; our philosophy. Through our work, we aim to inspire, enable and support people to develop themselves and the organisations in which they work.

When we are at our most successful, we are true partners in changing cultures.

Our goal is to act as a catalyst for positive change within people, teams and organisations to deliver long-lasting results.

We are proud of what we do

Expression for Growth was established in 2000 and since then we have become known for our passion, credibility and outstanding facilitation, whatever the solution being delivered.

Our clients come from a broad mix of industries, including consumer goods, financial services, media, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain. We love working with our clients to help positive change happen for them.

What’s the secret to working across these diverse industries? We focus on understanding the ‘world’ in which you operate and then adapting how we create and deliver our solution to make it work for you.

And we’re passionate about measuring the impact of what we do! We don’t want to ‘sell you a training course’; we want to create a self-sustaining change in your business that delivers a return on your investment.

We work globally

Our globally based team works in over 50 countries and we understand that programmes need to be adapted and delivered in a very specific way to make them work within different cultural contexts. To enable our global capability, we deliver programmes in English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

We help people enjoy performing at their best by following our values:

Unity: We embrace our differences through respect and trust to seamlessly reach our common goals. Passion: We believe in what we do and work with tangible enthusiasm and energy. Bravery: We are resilient and willing to challenge, in order to deliver maximum impact. Authenticity: We act with integrity, being consistent with our purpose and values, unassumingly doing the right thing.