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We help people enjoy performing at their best

Our purpose
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We’re world leaders in global commercial capability training. Established in 2000, our globally placed facilitators drive behavioural and cultural change across multinational corporations through a deep understanding of our clients and their challenges. Our Precision solutions deliver long-lasting, deep-rooted impact and ROI.

We inspire our clients and participants to challenge their beliefs, provoking them to try new ways of doing things through thinking differently and driving a culture of peer-to-peer learning and development.

We train participants to become leaders in their domain by co-creating and developing a culture of learning that rewards what participants already know—and harnesses a learning journey that equips them with new, high-demand skills.

We enable clients and participants to pursue efficiency and effectiveness when dealing with customers—embedding techniques, tools and processes for more incredible business and individual success.

We support clients and participants by embedding ourselves in their roles; only then do we truly understand the needs of our clients and their customers. By driving greater self-sufficiency and guiding clients and participants through change, we support them as they shift winning behaviours into habits.

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Bravery Unity Passion Authenticity

Our values

“I genuinely believe implementing Precision Selling & Precision Negotiating will separate our sales team from our competitors and add value to customers“​

Geistlich Pharma

We live and work by our values:

Unity: We embrace our differences through respect and trust to seamlessly reach our common goals.

Passion: We believe in what we do and work with tangible enthusiasm and energy.

Bravery: We are resilient and willing to challenge, in order to deliver maximum impact.

Authenticity: We act with integrity, being consistent with our purpose and values, unassumingly doing the right thing.

We deliver on our purpose

‘We help people enjoy performing at their best.’

We work globally

We work with teams globally across multinational corporations. Our credibility and industry reputation have developed through our expertise, approach and understanding, and respect for cultures and languages. 

Our partnerships are developed on a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs, environment, beliefs and behaviours—delivering programmes in multiple languages* and across diverse teams.

* English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

We’re award winning

We’ve won awards in Sales Performance Excellence, Best Blended Learning Solutions & Best Sales Programme—to name just a few