Our Team

Meet the Team

Expression for Growth has an exceptional facilitation team, all of whom have previously achieved success within the commercial world, across multiple sectors. Our facilitators have chosen to make the success of others the focus of what they now do on a daily basis.

The passion and diligence of our client support team enable us to handle the complexity of running seamless training events. Our team works to make managing these invents simple and straightforward.

The culture we have created reflects in the training events we complete and the decisions we make.

Alex – Co-founder and Facilitator

Alex’s facilitation style is provocative, high energy, challenging and supportive. Alex was the architect of the EFG philosophy, many of the core programmes, and still is the ‘guardian of the house facilitation style’, ensuring that whilst our team are always encouraged to make their own personal mark on how they deliver their training, the EFG fingerprint is always evident to the participants experiencing the learning.

Areas of expertise: Influencing, Selling, Facilitation, Coaching, Leadership and running webinars.

Steven – Managing Director and Facilitator

Steven creates an environment built on trust and empathy, so people really learn to apply and commit to change. Steven is ‘the commercial guy’, with a pedigree of creating and cultivating strategic partnerships with customers and clients around the world. Steven is an entrepreneur with a highly collaborative approach to working with customers to unlock value, fast!

Areas of expertise: Selling, Negotiation, Influencing, Teams and Facilitation. 

Steven has designed many of Expression for Growth’s solutions and curriculums, including bespoke solutions for our clients.

Gareth – Client Director and Facilitator

Gareth’s style is relatable, focused and challenging, in a friendly way. 

Gareth has over 20 years of Commercial, Leadership & Coaching experience, having held senior roles in multiple functions with major FMCG companies. He also has deep experience as a Business Coach working with a variety of SME organisations.

Based in Ireland, he has worked in every continent with a real passion to deliver highly interactive, practical programmes that make an immediate impact & deliver long-lasting change.

Areas of expertise: Selling, Influencing, Strategic Development and Teams.

James – Engagement Director and Facilitator

James’ style is engaging, challenging, personable and highly supportive. James has almost 20 years of commercial experience, many of those spent managing teams in senior leadership positions, which he calls upon to connect theory and frameworks to the real world of our clients. He creates a safe and easy learning environment, authentically balancing the need for challenge and growth with a light touch of humour and a genuine interest in the people he is working with.

Areas of expertise: Selling, Influencing, Strategic Development, Leadership and Teams

Nick – General Manager North America and Facilitator

Nick’s style is high energy, challenging and supportive, with a sense of fun. Nick established our businesses in Asia-Pacific and the Americas, so he brings a global perspective to what we do. He’s an expert in both in-person and virtual facilitation, and now leads the development of our learning content, making sure that we stay at the leading edge.

Areas of expertise: Influencing, Selling, Strategic Customer Development, Facilitation, Presenting, Leadership and Virtual Working.

Nick designs many of Expression for Growth’s solutions and curriculums, including bespoke solutions for our clients.

Sylvie – Commercial Development Executive

Sylvie is a dynamic, results-oriented person who gets the job done. Her background in international business and her ability to thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment are real assets. Sylvie brings experience, fast decision making and down-to-earth realism to the team.

Growing up at the foot of the Pyrenees in France, she was an avid whitewater kayaker. Now in her time off, she enjoys travelling around Europe with her partner and their camper van which they converted themselves. When she is not hiking up or cycling down a mountain she enjoy going to the theatre, taking in the landmarks and sampling the local cuisine of the places she visits.

Liane – Client Support Executive

Liane has over 15 years in customer service, within an insurance and finance background, and understands how important it is for our clients to feel looked after and get the support they need, to truly embed learning to achieve behavioural change in the workplace.

When not at work, Liane enjoys walks and raising awareness for charity, or on a cold day, a nice snuggle on the sofa with her pet Siamese “Preeya”.

Becky – Client Support Executive


Karen – Client Support Executive

Karen is a personable and reflective individual who develops relationships with others quickly by building trust and credibility.  Continuously striving for improvement, she helps develop our care and service offering to our clients.

She has worked abroad for over 5 years, including a summer season in Turkey.  There she particularly enjoyed being on stage and dancing as a Spice girl, a Nolan sister, a cheerleader and a zombie to name a few!  Her purpose in life is to learn, give and make a difference to others.  



Suha – Client Event Coordinator